Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Me and Avery...he loves the baby bjorn!

Avery is on the left, Isaac on the right. One day we were bored, and so we decided to try doing their hair in mohawks. Haha we kinda failed but it was fun:)

Avery, Isaac

Finally...the internet!!!

Well I've been in D.C. (more specifially Alexandria) for two weeks and still don't have internet, so that's why I haven't made any posts! But the two weeks have definitely been eventful! The day after I arrived the family moved from their condo into a cute little house....and it was crazy to say the least. The boys were sick, with unfamiliar people and surrounded by chaos. Needless to say it was a weird transition. Haha but now that things are getting settled down, the boys are so much fun!! They are 10 months old and love to crawl up on everything. They definitely keep me on my toes:)

Their names are Isaac and Avery and they are so stinking cute! Isaac is a little bit bigger than Avery and a little bit more boisterous. They love to play with each other and that makes things really fun. We basically feed them, rock them/sing them to sleep, take them on walks, and play lots. Haha it sounds like a breeze, but it definitely takes everything out of me. I'm pretty much exhausted by the end of the day...but I love it! I love laying in bed at the end of night knowing that you've finished a day of hard work. It's the best! There's another nanny and her name is Breanna. She's from Iowa and is so much fun! I'm really glad she's here with's nice to have someone to talk to besides the babies. Haha I already talk in baby talk way too much, I catch myself doing it even when they're not there. Ha

We haven't had TV or internet since we moved so that's definitely been something new for me too. Haha I'm fine without TV but I feel a little bit disconnected from the world without internet...since I'm so far away from everyone else. I miss everyone so much! But it's okay, I love it over here! Hopefully this weekend I'll get the time to go into the city to see some sites and museums. Until then, that's about all I have for you guys! Much love.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So...I'm starting a blog:) I have no idea what I'm doing but we'll see how it goes! I'm leaving on Wednesday to nanny in a suburb outside Washington D.C. and I'm so so excited! It kinda happened really fast, I found out that I was going last Tuesday when I was in California with some friends. I got back Saturday so basically have two days to get's going to be insane! Anyway, I'll update once I'm there!